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HelvetiSteps is a beautifully minimal app designed and inspired around the principles of Helvetica Neue to give you only the information you need concerning your burned calories and effort during a single day window. The app provides a trend graph that shows spikes of activity over the course of the twenty four hour period, and also shows averaged data for your heart rate entries.

Additionally, if you are signed into Game Center, HelvetiSteps also allows for you to compete with your friends in all 4 metrics offered by the app: steps, distance in miles, average heart rate, and active calories burned.

If you're looking for an alternative for the Health app interface, and are interested in using a lean modern look, then this is the HealthKit app for you!

Please note: HelvetiSteps uses data that is stored in your Health app, and if data is unavailable in the Health app you will not see it in HelvetiSteps. For best results, please use a heart rate monitor or an Apple Watch to get readings for heart rate and active calories.
Joseph Drambarean