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Helian is your first shareable digital logbook specially created to assist elderly care receiver in Indonesia. Helian allows caregivers to record, track day to day activities, and reliably share the records to another caregiver, ensuring appropriate ongoing care.

What can you do with Helian app?
- Plan care-receiver's activities of daily living such as personal hygiene, toileting assistance, prescribed medicine administration, feeding and changing with an easy-to-use interface
- Make a record in the ​logbook of any development that can potentially indicate future health problem such as changes in breathing patterns, mobility, unusual sneezing, or in appetite for future review.
- Make sure you are not forgetting any crucial caregiving information​, like serious health cautions such as allergic reactions, and condition triggers inside Cautions.
- Never forget any crucial information by designating important cautions to always appears on your today's page.

Helian is created by :
- Vanessa Wijaya (Project Manager)
- Philips Wira (UI/UX Designer)
- Richard Andhika (Bussiness Development Manager)
- Cifran Hiu (Software Engineer)
- Wendy Liga (Software Engineer)
Wendy Liga