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Heer is a Bluetooth device detector, it makes use of BLE technology to discover Bluetooth Low Energy devices around you, in addition to other Bluetooth accessories as well.

Use Cases
- Finding your lost phone or other Bluetooth devices like wireless earphones
- Detecting the presence of hidden or unwanted bluetooth devices

Exclude Devices
Your other Bluetooth devices, like wireless earphones and smart watches, may interfere with the app’s alerting mechanism while looking for other devices so we’ve provided a tool to exclude your devices on startup to avoid false alarms.

Background Running
Bluetooth scanning isn’t available to scan for unknown devices in the background so we came up with 3 different solutions to match the same experience:
1. Apple watch: we made a companion Apple Watch app for you to use and continue using your phone for your daily tasks uninterrupted. (Works with ‘always on display’ enabled Apple Watches)
2. iOS auto lock prevention: when you launch most apps on your iPhone or any other iOS devices, often times the screen dims down and goes to sleep after a short period of inactivity. With Heer, we have disabled auto screen lock for the freedom of running it for however long you want.
3. Guided access lock: guided access provides the security for you to keep the app running while the device is locked. It is best used in case you want to keep your phone in your pocket to either prevent accidental taps or the security when someone else possesses your phone.
aziz Thekair