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Hebcal Hebrew Calendar

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Hebcal Hebrew Calendar

Hebcal displays today’s Hebrew date or this week’s Torah portion on your watch face as complications. The watch app shows the next 2 weeks of Hebrew/Gregorian dates and a full year of Jewish holidays and Parashat HaShavua (Shabbat Torah readings). No frills, no gimmicks, no notifications, and no ads!

The Hebrew date and weekly Torah portion can be displayed as transliterations in Sephardic (e.g. "Shabbat" or "Sukkot") or Ashkenazi (e.g. "Shabbos" or "Sukkos") or in Hebrew (e.g. "שַׁבָּת" or "סוּכּוֹת"). Select Israel from the settings if you are based in Israel and want to see the Israeli Jewish holiday & Torah reading schedule. The default setting is for Diaspora (outside of Israel).

Hebcal (pronounced HEEB-kal, as in Hebrew calendar) provides Jewish calendar and holiday information. Our mission is to increase awareness of Jewish holidays and to help Jews to be observant of the mitzvot.
Michael Radwin