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Heat Football

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Heat Football

Heat Football is an app specifically for football fans to record your match data. It'll present your performance in each match in the form of heat map.

[Easy Operation] The operation is easy to learn. In just one step, you can precisely locate the field you are playing on.

[Heat Map] Accurately display your running area on the field. Exclusive algorithm for you to exclude the image noise on the field. Precisely capture your effective running position on the field. Intelligently draw the heat map and intuitively present your performance.

[Share with friends] Tap to share, invite friends to play football together.

From a beginner to a master, Heat Football will be with you all the way!

1. When you use the app, GPS positioning will be used, which may greatly consume battery power.
2. Heat Football has access to HealthKit. You can synchronize sports data to health.
Heat Football