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A simple heart rate complication which gives you an up-to-date overview of your current heart rate on your watch face.

The app integrates with the Health app on your iOS device and provides useful information about your heart rate along with a heart rate complication that you can use instead of using the built-in heart rate complication that just displays a Heart Icon without the current heart rate reading, you can use this one to make good use of your watch face space.

The app provides a complication for almost every watch, Inforgraph, Infograph Modular, Modular Compact, Modular, and much more.

- Heart Rate Complication with an up-to-date heart rate reading.
- The app screen gives you real-time reading for your heart rate.
- Up-to-date measurement for your current resting heart rate.
- 4 hours histogram of your heart rate.
- Average, Highest, Lowest Heart Rate for the past 4 hours.
Ahmed Hussein