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Heartpiece Pulse Timer

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Heartpiece Pulse Timer

***Updated with the ability to run sessions in the background and receive haptic feedback when set goal is reached without the need to be checking the app during meditation!***

Heartpiece is a tool for you to practice lowering your heart rate using the Apple Watch. It leverages the heart rate sensor and workout sessions to create a perfect tool to assist you in improving the relationship between your mind and body.

It is tailored for both short and long meditations, where you can set a goal to lower your heart rate and use controlled breathing to reach that goal. All you have to do is turn your wrist to check if you have reached your goal, then you can monitor your performance.

Heartpiece integrates with the Health app to allow you to manage your activity. It also syncs your session data to the iPhone companion app where you can view detailed statistics and more.

There are many features and more to come, including the ability to do an open session as an alternative to setting a certain goal. Use Force Touch to access the context menu where you can assign a mantra to your session, and see how different mantras affect your performance.

One of the most essential features included is for pulse stability. Heart rate data can jump around, so Heartpiece makes sure you have a stable pulse before it marks your starting and ending heart rate. You can increase the precision under settings in the context menu.

Also, you can use this app in conjunction with the native Timer app on Apple Watch in order to set a timer for your session if desired.
Carlos Estevez