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- Hear the effects of meditation on your heart rate
- Fall asleep by focusing only on the sound of your heart.
- Hear the effect of exercise on your heart rate.

Heartener® uses the heart rate sensors on your Apple Watch to translate your heart rate into a sound that is played on the iPhone paired with the Watch. If your heart rate moves outside a range you select on the app, a very loud siren alert will automatically sound. You can also manually trigger this alert sound from your Watch or on the companion app running on your iPhone.

Heartener works with HealthKit to integrate with the Health app on your iPhone and requires your authorization as a Health Source to function. When you first launch Heartener on your Apple Watch, a Health app message will ask you for permission to give Heartener read access to the Heart Rate component of your Health data. You can adjust these permissions at any time by going to the Health app section in iPhone Settings, selecting Data Access & Devices, then tapping the Heartener icon.

Heart rate information is transmitted to your iPhone every 3-5 seconds. Every 5 seconds, the heartbeat sound effect is played based on the latest heart rate received from your Watch. The pitch of the heart beat sound is lower for slower heart rates, and gets higher as the heart rate increases. The color of the heart rate text display varies from green to bright orange depending on the heart rate beats per minute.

To begin the Heartener session, first open Heartener on your iPhone. Open Heartener on your Watch, and tap Activate. You'll get voice confirmation the session has begun, and within a few seconds the first heart rate data will be transmitted. To end the session, tap De-Activate on your Watch, and your phone will give you voice confirmation the session has ended.

Heartener will not function if the Watch paired iPhone is locked or in sleep mode; Auto-Lock in Settings has to be set to Never during Heartener sessions. For workout or meditation sessions, set Require Passcode to After 1 hour or After 4 hours. No health information ever leaves your devices, no account creation is needed and the app contains no analytics tracking your usage.

For sleeping / overnight use, Passcode has to be disabled completely and the iPhone left awake and unlocked. It is recommended the iPhone be plugged into a power source for overnight usage. Alerts will not sound unless the iPhone is awake. All other functionality requires iPhone to be awake also.
Mark S. Morris