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Measure, monitor and track your workouts with the HeartBeat mobile and watch app. Haptic feedback on the watch during your workout ensures you stay in the zone while goals on the iPhone keep you on track week after week.

Analyse your heart rate with detailed information on your daily heart rate, resting heart rate and heart rate variability.

> Key App Features
- Apple Watch workouts
- Heart rate workout zones calculated
- Haptic feedback when entering new workout zone
- Live calorie burn and goal progress on watch
- Four weekly goals (calories, duration, interval, amount)
- Heart rate recovery from workout cool down
- 90 day workout record
- Detailed workout information
- Daily heart rate analysis
- Heart rate variability analysis
- Resting heart rate analysis
- Other fitness app data through the Health framework.
- Maximum heart rate test for watch (Premium)
- Interval training for watch (Premium)
- Recovery test for watch (Premium)
- Cycling and running workout programs (Premium)

> HeartBeat Watch Workouts
The HeartBeat watch app includes workouts such as running, cycling, rowing and strength to give you a live feedback of your current heart rate workout zone. Every time you change workout zone you’ll get a subtle haptic tap on the wrist.

The watch app also gives live progress on your calorie burn and whether you’ve hit your HeartBeat workout goals. All indications are colour coded to give a quick and clear indication of your progress.

After your workout you’ll have a 2-minute cool down which automatically starts once you’ve finished. This enables the app to calculate a recovery heart rate which will give an indication of how your fitness is improving over time based on how quick you start to return to a normal heart rate.

Your heartrate zones within the HeartBeat app are broken down as follows:

- VO2 Max Zone (Maximum Effort)
- The Anaerobic Zone
- The Aerobic Zone
- The Fat-Burning Zone
- The Warm-up / Recovery Zone

> HeartBeat Mobile App – Goals
‘You can’t manage what you can’t measure’ – Peter Drucker

What use would a watch application be if you couldn’t see your progress. The HeartBeat mobile application give you a seven-day summary of how you’re doing in your workouts with detailed information displayed through various charts.

The screens all focus on your weekly goals giving you clear and quick information on how you’re performing this week. For more detailed information, you can drill down into individual workouts to see how your heart rate varied over the workout and a workout specific recovery heart rate.

Goals available are as follows:

- Calories burned
- Workout duration
- Workout days
- Workout interval

> General Heart Rate Data
HeartBeat also breaks your daily heart rate down to give you a greater understanding of how your heart rate changes throughout the day.

Your heart rate variability is graphed out over a 56 day period, two four week graphs allowing you to analyse how it’s changing on a month by month basis. The variability of your heart rate can indicate issues such as overworking, over training and stress as well as general heart health.

Your resting heart rate is graphed out over the same period allowing you to see improvements in fitness as your training progresses.

> Premium Features
There are three premium features available through in-app purchases to further your experience of the app. These are as follows:

- Maximum heart rate test
- Interval training
- Workout recovery check
- Base fitness program
- Cycling endurance program
- Cycling speed and power program
- Running endurance program
- Running speed and power program

> Other App Data
HeartBeat integrates with the Apple Health eco-system meaning that the workout data produced within HeartBeat is available within other apps such as the Health app and food tracking apps.
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