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HeartBeat Control

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HeartBeat Control

Control your heart beat during workouts like never before!

Just select your age and a level of exercise, and it's done!

The app will calculate your heart maximum beats per minute and the ranges according to your goals and remind you in real time on your wrist if you are on the range selected, with sound and haptic feedback!
Also, HeartBeat Control is integrated with Health app, so you can see your fitness data on both apps.

5 Levels included according to your goals:

VERY LIGHT (50-60%) : Ideal for recovery

LIGHT (60-70%) : Fat Burning and Endurance

MODERATE (70-80%) : Aerobic Fitness

HARD (80-90%) : Maximum performance for shorter sessions

MAXIMUM (90-100%) : Help athletes develop maximum speed

Download now and start tracking your heart beat during exercises to reach your goals like never before!
Lucas Yamashita