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Heart Zones Training

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Heart Zones Training

This app is from the people who wrote the book on using heart rate monitors to get healthier, stronger, and fitter…literally…and have been coaching and training others with monitors for over 35 years.

Heart Zones Training™ app is all about you and your heart rate, your heart health. It’s simple. It’s easy to use. And, this is one of the best companions (OK - we think it’s the best) to make your heart rate monitor your best friend. Heart Zones Training™ app is for any workout type - cardio, strength, flexibility - and any activity - walking, running, skating, cycling, hiking, cross training, hey - snowshoeing - to help keep your heart healthy and your stress low.

Here’s why and what you get and it is all for free:

** The only app that does heart rate AND step tracking.
** Data: Gives you fifteen key data points live, while you are working out
** Motivates: As you use it watch your progress in the zones on the graph
** Choice: Three different heart zone systems for you to choose from - and we hold the copyrights and US federal patent on them.
** Save it: Provides you with the results of your workout after finishing posting to History
**FIT Points: You can see how many exercise points you earned - quality
** Freedom: You pick within the app the transmitter belt and sensor that you are using - for free
** Free Workouts: There are three workouts for free - have fun with them, there are more coming
** Optimize: The only app that optimizes your workout because you fill paint buckets with the amount of time in the zone during the workout so you can do the workout right
** Other apps: You can run other apps for mapping, distance, speed in the background so you can enjoy workout out to the beat of your heart
** Hassle free: You don’t have to log in, or upload, or fight a password - rather, Just Go.
** Brag: You can share your workout my email
** Energy: Find out how many calories you burned during your workout
** Power: For cyclist, select “Just Ride” and you can read data from your power meter
**Calories Expended: During the workout or at the end of the workout - Kcals

Paint Bucket Display: If you choose one of the workouts called “Easy 30” or “Moderate 45” or "Vigorous 60” the paint bucket functionality of time in zones is turned on. This screen display shows five different paint buckets which fill during your workout with the matching color of the zones. The goal is to fill each of the buckets without spilling over. If a bucket is not full then there wasn’t enough time spent in that specific zone and likewise, if the bucket is spilling over, there is too much time spent in that zone. As your workout progresses, there is a count-down timer below the image of the buck to show the amount of time left until the buck is full.

Oh, one really huge final feature, this simple powerful app was created by the woman who wrote the first book on training with a heart rate monitor, who created the first PE program for schools and health clubs using a heart rate monitor, and who has now published over 10 titles using a heart rate monitor for weight loss, running, cycling, triathlon, personal coaching and training - she’s the pioneer and the developer of Heart Zones Training™ - Hall of Fame triathlete Sally Edwards.

Now, go have some fun, use your iPhone and the Heart Zones Training™ app for the 3 M’s: monitor, measure, and manage your workouts as you do the 3E’s: be entertained, be educated, and be engaged.
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