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Introducing *heart/work*, the only iOS app that generates original artwork based on your unique health information. Bridging the gap between wellbeing and health data, heart/work creates layered visuals to provide at-a-glance synopsis using meditative breathing exercises, your heartbeat and environmental data from your current surroundings.

Maintain your exercise streaks by completing heart/work everyday and generate a new piece of art, straight from your heart.

The heart/work is generated based on different attributes like: 

- heart beat
s during exercise
- HRV (heart rate variability)

- resting heart beat

- # of steps taken

- distance for running / walking

- stairs climbed

- active energy burned

- local weather 
& climate
- location information

- mood

- favorite color

Customize the number of breaths, meditation session length, and favorite color - let heart/work do the rest.

heart/work is using HealthKit data to create visuals. Access to the data is required for the app to work. No personally identifiable data is ever shared with anyone.

Created with love at the Apple Developer Academy in Naples, Italy.
Moritz Philip Recke