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Heart Rate

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Heart Rate

Heart rate monitoring in near real time, and you don't have to hold on to those awkward machine handles!

Supports ALL workout types Apple offers (more than in the default workout app)!

I found it quite annoying to have to either have my hands on the machine's heart rate sensors, or constantly be flicking my wrist to see my current heart rate just to make sure I'm in the heart rate zone I want to be in.

I wanted to set my phone on the machine, and be able to see my real time heart rate on it, so I made an app that does just that!

Coming soon:
* Keeping the watch app alive to continuously update iPhone display.

* Heart Rate monitoring may not be accurate and should not be considered lightly.
* If you are feeling faint or dizzy you should stop what you are doing immediately and consult a health physician.
* Obtain a medical exam before beginning any exercise program.
* After a while (through my testing this was around 15 seconds), Apple "sleeps" the watch app which prevents the iPhone's display of heart rate from updating to the current heart rate. While it is still recording your heart rate continuously (it is accurately reporting to Apple Health), the iPhone display will not be accurate. Simply flick your wrist to bring the app back on-screen and it'll begin updating the display.
Jeffrey Scaturro