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Heart Rate Monitor

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Heart Rate Monitor


Heart Rate Monitor: Pulse is one of the easiest and fastest, most accurate pulse checkers on the market, a great assistant for FITNESS. By putting one of your fingers on the back of the camera, you can read your heart rate right away.

▸ No device but the iPhone is required! Support Apple Watch synchronous monitoring and recording.
▸ Track your health status anytime, anywhere, especially before and after the workout.
▸ Use Journal to log your blood pressure and oxygen saturation.
▸ Pulse waveform graphs are available.
▸ Calculate body mass index (BMI) easily.
▸ Provide professional recipes for heart health.
▸ Relaxing music engineered to help your meditation, focus, or sleep.
▸ Privacy is soundly protected, and all personal data is kept locally inside your own iPhone.

Frequency of Use:
It is recommended that you should use Heart Rate Monitor: Pulse daily to measure your heart rate or record your blood pressure. Helps you track the trend of heart rate in real time to better understand your physical status.

Influencing Factors:
A normal heart rate depends on the individual, age, body size, heart condition, emotions, whether the person is sitting or moving, medication use and even air temperature. Most importantly, getting fitter lowers the heart rate, by making heart muscles work more efficiently.
Measure your heart rate can help you monitor your fitness level, and it may help you spot developing health problems if you are experiencing other symptoms.

Heart Rate Monitor: Pulse is NOT INTENDED FOR MEDICAL USE.
- It is only used for fitness purposes and is a source of general health information.
- Nothing contained in Heart Rate Monitor: Pulse is intended to be instructional for medical diagnosis or treatment.
- Heart Rate Monitor: Pulse cannot detect blood pressure or blood oxygen, it only provides the feature of recording blood pressure and blood oxygen.
- In some devices, Heart Rate Monitor: Pulse makes the flash hot.

This app integrates with the Health app. It writes data of heart rate to Health app.

Terms of Service:
Privacy Policy:

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