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Heart Health Workout Companion

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Heart Health Workout Companion

Keep your heart healthy and happy! We'll help you get active & stay healthy

Our easy points system makes it fun and easy to hit your daily heart health exercise goals!

Heart disease is the No. 1 killer of women, claiming over 500,000 lives a year, or nearly one woman per minute. Fortunately, the disease is largely preventable!

Inspired by the American Heart Association exercise guidelines, the Heart Health app makes it simple, fun, and easy to hit your daily goal.

Use your Apple Watch or connect any Bluetooth heart rate monitor to see measurement of exactly how much exercise you need to do to meet your daily goal.

Just starting out on your exercise journey? No problem! Meet your daily goal with as little as a 30-minute walk.

Feeling a bit more ambitious today? Log as little as 15 minutes of vigorous activity to meet your daily goal.

With our app, there’s no need to guess at what ‘moderate’ or ‘vigorous’ is, we tell you exactly how hard you are working, all personalized to you. Watch your zones change in real-time as you exercise!

Feel better in as little as one week of using the Heart Health Workout Companion app. Here is what users are saying about our app.

“Seeing how hard I’m working during my workout gives me the motivation to keep going to hit my daily goal”

“I had no idea I wasn’t hitting the standard for activity on days I didn’t go to the gym. This app has opened my eyes to a whole other perspective and keeps me accountable to my goals.”

“I love the simplicity of the app”

“I was tracking steps but still not hitting my daily heart health goal. This app gives me true insight into my heart health.”

- Support for connecting any Bluetooth heart rate monitor or using your Apple Watch
- Start & stop workouts on your iPhone or Apple Watch
- Keep track of how many points you’re earning based on AHA exercise standards
- See your points score as your work out and get a workout score after each workout
- Show your time spent in each heart rate zone
- Receive a summary email of stats after every workout
- Track calories, duration, points, and heart rate
- Receive email summaries after every workout

We value your privacy and never share or sell any user information.

The minimum requirement for the Apple Watch is a series 3 or later.

Connect any standard Bluetooth heart rate monitor, armband, or chest strap.

- We read your biometrics from Apple Health for personalization
- We save your workout data to Apple Health
- All workouts count towards your Apple activity rings

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The Heart Health Workout Companion is made by independent app company PK Fitness Apps Inc. While the goals used in the app are inspired by pioneering work that the AHA has done on defining and setting exercise standards, we are not affiliated with or otherwise endorsed by the AHA.

Got questions? We would love to hear from you. Email us at [email protected]
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