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Heart Analyzer

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Heart Analyzer

Heart Analyzer shows you your heart rate data measured by Apple Watch in an understandable form. View daily or workout heart rate graphs, see personal statistics, Deep Analytics and save automatically calculated sleep times.

Main features include:
- Graphical plots of your heart rate data and active energy on any given day from the past year.
- Automatic sleep time calculation based on intelligent activity monitoring algorithm, no need to tell it 'Im going to sleep' or 'Ive just woken up', it just works!
- You can add calculated sleep times to the Apple Health app.
- View a full selection of your recent workouts, heart rate zones, heart rate graphs and statistics.
- Get other personal statistics showing heart rate and workout and sleep time data in an understandable form.
- Access Deep Analytics based on heart rate, activity and workouts data from the past year.

On Apple Watch:
- Includes an instant and informative app giving you a snapshot of your heart rate for the day.
- Plot your heart rate readings and view recent workouts ALL right on Apple Watch!
- Make use of customizable complications to keep you up to date with your heart rate.
- Record HR Events on the Watch and then view them later on your iPhone, you can label and make notes on them too!

Please Note:
- Heart Analyzer integrates with the Apple Health app to read your heart rate, active energy and sleep data. It also optionally writes to your sleep data
- In App Purchase required to view data from more than 9 days ago and to customize the Apple Watch app
- Heart Analyzer requires an Apple Watch
Simon Edwardes