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Heart Analyzer

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Heart Analyzer

Heart Analyzer offers users the ultimate insight into their Health data.

Utilising the rich data recorded by Apple Watch, Heart Analyzer gives you a powerful understanding of your heart vitals.

■ Simple PRIVACY
◎ No third party analytics
◎ No data ever leaves your device
◎ No modifications to your health data

◎ The Dashboard - Where you can swipe between days, scroll through summaries and tap into the details
◎ Charts - Heart Rate data and many other metrics and trends of any given day
◎ Insights - Effortlessly assess your Health Vital trends
◎ Deep Analytics - Gain a unique understanding of important metrics such as HR Recovery, HR Zones and plenty more
◎ Heart Reports - Generate and export tailored PDFs including a large selection of metrics with custom timescales and password protection support
◎ Widgets - Right on your home screen for you to track your Heart Rate, Resting Heart Rate trends and more at a glance
◎ ECGs - Compare and analyze data recorded by Apple Watch
◎ Advanced features - Including Heart Rate Calibration, Heart Rate Zones, Smart Heart Rate Recovery and more

◎ A re-designed app showing your Heart Rate over the day
◎ Charts with you on the go for Move, Exercise, Cardio Points, HRV, Blood Oxygen Saturation and Resting Heart Rate
◎ Workouts right on your wrist, tap into the detail as soon as you finish your exercise
◎ Customizable complications to keep you up to date with your Heart Rate and also support for Blood Oxygen Saturation, Heart Rate Variability and Resting Heart Rate trends

• Heart Rate
• Resting Heart Rate
• Electrocardiogram ECG
• Blood Oxygen Saturation
• VO2Max Cardio Fitness
• Heart Rate Variability (HRV)
• Respiratory Rate
• Workouts
• Sleep Times
• Heart Rate Recovery
• Apple Fitness & Activity
• Heart Alert Notifications

Heart Analyzer has three Premium purchases or combine them all with the Complete Premium purchase. Heart Analyzer does not contain any subscriptions!

Please Note:
• Heart Analyzer integrates with the Apple Health App to read your Heart Rate and other Health data
• Heart Analyzer is available on iPad with iCloud sync for Apple Health data enabled. However, you still need an iPhone with a paired Apple Watch to generate Health data to display in Heart Analyzer
• To get the most out of Heart Analyzer, and iPhone with a paired Apple Watch is required
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