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Heart Analyzer

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Heart Analyzer

The future of analytics is here for your heart. Get the most out of Apple Watch and its amazing Health sensors.

Heart Analyzer is specifically designed for Apple Watch, using your heart rate data to produce amazing charts, metrics and reports on data you didn't even know was there! By leveraging the full power of Apple Watch and all the data it measures to the Health App, Heart Analyzer can help you understand your data and identify personal trends.

Simple PRIVACY -> Your data -> Only on your iPhone
• No third party analytics
• No data ever leaves your device
• No modifications to your health data

• Graphical plots of your heart rate data alongside many other metrics and trends on any given day from the past two years
• Full in-depth metrics on your heart rates from the past four years including average, maximum, minimum, resting, HRV and much more
• Deep Analytics based on heart rate, activity and workouts data give unique insight on important metrics such as HR Recovery, HR Zones and more
• Generate and export custom Heart Report PDFs including a large selection of metrics with different timescale and password protection support
• Put a widget right on your home screen to track your heart rate
• View and compare ECGs measured on Apple Watch
• Advanced features such as Heart Rate Calibration, Smart Heart Rate Recovery and metadata metrics

• A re-designed app showing your heart rate over the day
• Automatic LiveHR gets you up to date with your latest heart rate reading
• Metrics of Move, Exercise, Cardio Points, HRV and Resting heart rates over the past week
• Full dive into recent workouts with times, energy, VO2Max, Blood O2 Saturation and even HR Recovery
• Customizable complications to keep you up to date with your heart rate and also support for Blood Oxygen Saturation and Heart Rate Variability
• Get a heart rate chart on your wrist with the Infograph Modular complication!
• Weekly notification summaries on your average and maximum heart rates

• Heart Rate
• Electrocardiogram ECG
• Blood Oxygen Saturation
• VO2Max Cardio Fitness
• Heart Rate Variability HRV
• Respiratory Rate
• Workouts
• Heart Rate Recovery
• Apple Fitness & Activity
• Heart Alert Notifications

Heart Analyzer has three Premium Purchases or a combined Premium Purchase, it does not contain any Subscriptions!

Please Note:
• Heart Analyzer integrates with the Apple Health app to read your heart rate and other health data
• Heart Analyzer requires an Apple Watch and is not supported on iPad
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