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Healthy Break Pro

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Healthy Break Pro

If you have a desk job or sit for long periods of time, then this is the app for you! Take a healthy break during your work day and give your body a simple and fun exercising routine.

You know that sitting down is slowly killing you, and we want to help you live longer and healthier. If you want to live a long, healthy life, make sure you're among the people who use healthy break!

Switching to a healthy break can make a difference in how you feel, make your productivity progress much beater and what is most important keeps you healthy and reduces the feeling of fatigue.

You don't need any more to think when it’s perfect time for take a break, let the app do that it for you so that you can better concentrate on the job.

With this app your time at work will go much faster.

This app will also help you to track you daily water intake and remind you to consume healthy quantity of regular basis.

In addition to gaining weight, desk jobs also increase the strain on your back, wrists, neck and eyes. Periods of extended inactivity can cause muscles to lose their tone and, since most of us sit most of the time, appropriate exercises are necessary.

This application is designed to influence people and remind them periodically to take a break and do appropriate exercises, with instructions and pictures for each exercise.

In app you can set:
√ Repeat (daily and weekly)
√ Time interval (pomodoro style)
√ Sound (notification and next exercise)
√ Exercise (number of exercise)
√ You can always see when your next break is

What we achieve using this app?
√ Healthier life
√ Reduces the feeling of fatigue
√ Better productivity on job
√ Better quality time at work
√ Have fun time while work
√ And much more...

* 23 easy to do exercises - With instructions and pictures for each exercise
* Simple to set exercising notifications
* Tracking intraday water consumption
* Set notification time interval - Set how often you want to be reminded
* Set break duration - From 1 to 10 minutes
* Set number of exercises per break - From 1 to 6
* Set notification repeating - On daily basis (never, all day, work time only, custom)
* Set start and end work time
* Custom notification repeating - select days of week
* Set notification sound - 17 different sounds available
* Set next exercise sound - 17 different sounds available
* Statistics - Count of done, missed and paused exercises