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### Description

HealthStats provides in depth look at the data related to your activity and heart rate from the Health App.

It will let you analyse steps, heart rate, weight over time or on a specific days. It will also allow you to review and analyse recorded workouts.

The app is for data geeks that want full access and views on the numbers and statistics.

The app is open source, see the support web page for detail.

### Features

- Calendar View of your days and workouts
- Compare your month to month distance in cumulative plots
- Monthly/Weekly summary statistics of your days and workouts
- Monthly/Weekly historical report and graphs of your recorded data
- Scatter plots and trend for both historical or workout data
- Best Rolling Plots, histograms for workouts
- Support multiple source, for example data collected by your phone or your watch
- Calculated laps for your workouts: find your fastest kilometer, or split time, etc
- Display time in zone for heart rate or pace in your work outs
- Slice your statistics by workout types: running, biking, etc

### Quick Guide

- When you first start the program, you will need to authorize the app to access your health data and choose the source for your data
- Data will be refreshed as you pull down the activity list on the first tab or when you start the app
- The Day Detail tab provide a view on a given day or work out
- The stats tab provide historical report and graphs, tap on the different buttons on the navigation bar or on graph and numbers in the tables to explore further analysis
- The calendar view provide summary views on the month, explore it by tapping the different configuration buttons

### Notes

- All the data is analysed locally on your phone, no data will be sent anywhere.
- This reports the data as collected by the device. Any data quality issue or inacuracy is linked to the device collection process. HealthStats does not change any of the numbers
- This is a new app, so it's possible there will be some first version glitches, I'll do my best to fix quickly. The app has a bug report facility in the Settings tab, please use that before leaving a bad review. I can reply to a bug report, but not to a review
Brice Rosenzweig