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HealthMon is a virtual pet + step tracker app.

Rules are simple - You feed your pet as you walk more everyday.

Meet your daily and weekly step goals and your pet will continue to grow with you! If you don't meet them, your pet will get sick and could potentially die :'(

Have fun and stay healthy!

- Automatic syncing with Apple's Health App to ensure that you're pulling in all the steps walked to feed your pet
- Give your pet fruits & and play with your pet to help you get your daily goal
- Multiplayer: It's never to easy to do it alone. Play with your friends! Invite your friends via Friend Codes or Facebook to check up on how your friends are doing. Once linked up, you can send or ask for items. You can add your friend's pet in your home playground and play with their pet!
- Enjoy HealthMon with your Apple Watch to always see how your pet is doing; you can also play with it. You phone and watch syncs automatically!
- Third party step tracker integrations such as Fitbit and Jawbone
- Use all the pet's animations in your iMessage stickers
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