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HealthAlerter is an Apple Watch app to monitor heart rate. It sends an alert by Email, SMS, or Phone Call to the emergency contacts when a High heart rate or Low heart rate is detected.

==Important! You need a Free Pagerduty API Key to get alerts by Call/SMS/Email==

Step 1, Sign up at
Step 2, Go to Apps & Add-Ons - API Access to Create New API Key
Step 3, Open Heart Rate Alerter App on the watch, then go to Settings and enter the key
Step 4, Tap on the "Start" button on the App to monitor the heart rate.

Watch a video guide:

== How it works?==
1. It monitors heart rate every 1 minute through the HealthKit.
2. From the App settings, you can configure the Minimum heart rate value (from 40bpm to 90bpm) and Maximum heart rate value(from 100bpm to 180bpm).
3. The App will trigger an alert when it detects a heart rate lower than the Minimum heart rate value or higher than the Maximum heart rate value.
4. When it detects a low/high bpm, it pops up a notification on the watch and sends an alert to the emergency contacts by Email, SMS, or Call.

== Care For Your Loved ones ==

Remotely monitor your loved ones' (eg, your parents') heart rate.

Detect emergency heart rate.

Monitor High or Low heart rate to keep an eye on your loved ones' heart health. Take actions in time to save them in case of emergency.

Better safe than sorry!
==About False Alert==
It may trigger a false alert if the Watch is off-wrist.
The app will stop monitoring when no Accelerometer motion data in 2 minutes to stop false alerts.

Try it Now!

For users not in the US, try the call forwarding service like to redirect the call alerts to your phone.

==Integrate with HealthKit==
We integrate with the health app (HealthKit) to read your heart rate data to detect high/low heart rates.
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