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Health With Hayley

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Health With Hayley

Your live workout community to improve your self confidence, health and happiness. Exercise, energise and take the next step to a fitter you.

Get started on your journey to a healthier happier lifestyle by getting fit with Hayley Madigan.

Access recorded exercise sessions via the Health with Hayley app and join her growing community getting fit together.
Online Personal Trainer Hayley’s aim is to help women find their body confidence and support their mental and physical health. With 10 years of personal training experience, she has been coaching women from all around the world and specialising in female hormones, amenorrhea recovery, mindset and body confidence.
Hayley has a degree in Sports and Exercise Science BSc (Hons), and was a secondary school PE Teacher for 4 years. She is now currently studying for a MNU Nutritionist qualification. Hayley loves to empower all women and provide as much support as she possibly can to help women be stronger mentally as well as physically. She has weight trained for 15 years and competed in Pro Natural Bodybuilding for 3 years and in 2015 won the WNBF World Championships in America.

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