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Health Widget:Activity Tracker

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Health Widget:Activity Tracker

Health & Fitness App:


Just think of a scenario:
Health-conscious people are more often concerned with

- How many steps do I have to do today or weekly?
- How long do I have to walk?
- What is the perfect place for walking, jogging, or running?
- How many days of the week do I have to do such an activity?

Sometimes we miss such constraints in our daily life or we lose our consciousness.
An exciting feature called Heart Points is one of the most effective and handy solutions to monitor your activities.

The American Heart Association’s recommendations—based on federal guidelines—are that most adults should have at least 150 minutes per week of moderate exercises like brisk walking or at least 75 minutes per week of vigorous exercise like running. which helps to reduce the risk of heart disease, improve sleep and increase overall mental well-being.

And this is Heart Points charms and beauty.

Proper representation of apple health data.

Supports Main App + Widgets + Apple Watch and synch among them.


- Eighteen Health-related widgets.
- Also available are calendar, battery, and motivation widgets.
- Multicoloured 20 themes allow you to set a large, medium, or small theme for a widget.
- Live widget track your activity changes.
- Lock Screen widget.



- Steps, Workouts, Calorie burnt, Distance, Floor Climbed.

- Heart Points, Heart rate, Heart rate variability.

- Start a walking/running session or Speedometer.

- Sleep, Blood oxygen saturation.

- Weight tracker

- Water reminder & tracker

- Regular breathing exercises.

- Activity ring: Move, Stand, Exercise.

- Store medical files & Vaccination certificates.

- Water Reminder and Tracker


- Steps, Heart Points, Sleep, Heart Rate, HRV, Distance, Floor Climbed.

- Workout session/Speedometer.

- Sync with iPhone & Watch.

This app is very new and growing in popularity day by day.
Accurate representations of Apple Health Data(Please check some user reviews. the US only)

Everyone desires a healthy life. Even though we work out, go for a run, or swim, we can't count steps or any other activity properly without an accurate tracker. This fitness by apple app tracks your steps, heart- rate, floor climb, and other working out activities to enable you to live a better life. This distance tracker or steps counter will make your life easier than ever.

Moreover, Healthy Points/Heart Points provide you with a handy solution.

N.B: After installing the app you have to buy In-App Purchase to access full features.

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