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Health Stats Log

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Health Stats Log

Health Stats Log can be used to track various statistics that support good health. The App is geared towards people with Diabetes, but can be used by anybody interested in healthy living.

With Health Stats Log you can track Glucose, Insulin, Exercise, Carbs, Weight and Other types of information on a daily basis. You can add notes to each value entered for later review. Health Stats Log uses Apple’s Core Data Technology with iCloud to store your information, so it’s available on multiple devices (iPad version in development). Health Stats Log calculates averages for Glucose (7/14/28 day), Exercise and Weight.

Integrate your data with HealthKit, including Glucose, Weight, Carbs, Blood Pressure, Steps, Cycling and Walking.

Currently, you can plot Glucose, Insulin, Exercise, Carbs and Weight, which helps you visualize trends in your health. The Plot features:
- Display 7/14/28 Days of data
- Display ‘categorized’ data based on intervals (Morning, Daytime, Evening, Bedtime)
- Display Values for data
- Show Target lines for Glucose, Exercise, and Weight
- Display Average data
- Uses a unique split graph for display individual and total Carb data
Greg Shaffer