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Health Data Server

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Health Data Server

The watch app requires watchOS 6+

This app was built to get heart rate and calorie data from your watch into a stream overlay. It does this by sending the data to an IP address/port you specify. An overlay application running on that device can then display the information in a web page.

This app can save workout data to Apple Health.

- Show your heart rate on stream with just an Apple Watch. No extra heart rate monitors required.
- Show your heart rate and calories burned in an OBS browser source
- The app will only affect your Activity Rings if calories are enabled
- Heart rate color ranges. Know where your heart rate is at a glance.
- Dedicated iOS app to help with configuration of the overlay. Your overlay your way.
- Make as many instances of the overlay as you want. You can style them all differently too.
- The overlay comes with a heart beat animation that matches your real heart rate
- Discord Rich Presence integration: Show all your friends how excited you are
- Optional motion data: If you would like to use the app for data collection, this is for you

Go to for information on how to set up the overlay application.
Aaron DeLory