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Health Auto Export

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Health Auto Export

With Health Auto Export, you can finally see Health data on Mac and iPad!

- Health data is treated with the utmost respect for privacy
- Data is synced securely via iCloud, and no one has access to your data
- There are no third-party frameworks in Health Auto Export; i.e. no companies snooping on your data
- See the Privacy Policy for full details.

- Stay up to date on metrics throughout the day like your Active Energy, Step Count, HRV and much more
- See trends of metrics over the course of a day or week

Auto Sync
- Health Auto Export for Watch syncs Health data to your other devices that don't have the Health app (e.g. iPad), and makes this information. See you health data in widgets, or view a 90-health history on synced devices

- Enable complications for over 80 metrics on your wrist. With the ability to enable/disable, you can essentially build your own customized health tracking device

Health Auto Export on All Platforms
- Health Auto Export on iPhone gives you the ability to sync data, as well as, automated exports for your Health and Workouts as detailed CSV files.
- Health Auto Export on Mac and iPad makes your information available in widgets and in-app
Lybron Sobers