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Health Auto Export

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Health Auto Export

With Health Auto Export, you can finally see Health data on Mac and iPad!

- Health data is treated with the utmost respect for privacy
- Data is synced securely via iCloud, and no one has access to your data
- There are no third-party frameworks in Health Auto Export; i.e. no companies snooping on your data
- See the Privacy Policy for full details.

- Stay up to date on metrics throughout the day like your Active Energy, Step Count, HRV and much more
- See trends of metrics over the course of a day or week

Auto Sync
- Health Auto Export for Watch syncs Health data to your other devices that don't have the Health app (e.g. iPad), and makes this information available in widgets

- Enable complications for over 80 metrics on your wrist. With the ability to enable/disable, you can essentially build your own customized health tracking device

Health Auto Export on All Platforms
- Health Auto Export on iPhone gives you the ability to sync data, as well as, automated exports for your Health and Workouts as detailed CSV files.
- Health Auto Export on Mac and iPad makes your information available in widgets
Lybron Sobers