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Health Auto Export

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Health Auto Export

Health Auto Export supports over 100 health data points and more than 70 workout types. Automatically export detailed backups of your Health and Workout data in JSON or CSV format.

Get started with a 7-day free trial, then upgrade or continue using free features:

- Health widgets
- Automate exports with Shortcuts

- Quick Export: export multiple metrics and workouts at once
- Export individual metrics with greater detail, such as Sleep Phases, Afib heartbeat data as JSON, or Blood Glucose metadata, and more
- Export individual workouts along with heart rate, heart rate recovery, and workout route data

- Auto Sync makes your health metrics and workouts available on Mac and iPad by syncing from iPhone
- Export to Google Drive, Dropbox, any REST API, MQTT or Home Assistant
- Automated backups to iCloud Drive
- Automated exports to an API, enabling you to create your own health data database or integrate your data with external services
- Export synced data from health data from Mac and iPad

- You remain 100% in control of your Health data
- Automated exports are stored securely in iCloud Drive
- Health Auto Export does not collect or store any of your personal or health information
- Health Auto Export does not include any third-party SDKs, and does not share data with third parties

- Automate exports to Dropbox, REST APIs, MQTT Brokers, and Home Assistant
- Configure multiple customized automations
- Activity Logs to help keep track of sync activity
- Widgets + Live Activities: Initiate and monitor data uploads from the Home and Lock Screen

- Get detailed backups of your Health and Workouts data as JSON or CSV files in iCloud Drive; backup workout routes as GPX files
- Keep Health Auto Export running in the background and data will be backed up automatically
- See the sync status of your most recent backups in the app

- The Health app is not available on Mac or iPad but Health Auto Export makes this information available on all your devices—even those without the Health app
- Health Auto Export for Mac and iPad requires having the app installed on iPhone

- Configure your own automated workflows using Shortcuts
- Create automations to export multiple metrics at once
- Supports shortcuts for 100+ health metrics and 70+ workout types

- Health widgets on all devices; see your health information iPhone, iPad and Mac
- The Activity Widget lets you see your Activity Ring progress as well as Total Energy Burn, Step Count and recent Heart Rate readings
- The Statistics Widget is configurable with whatever Health metric you’d like; you can select up to 6 metrics on the largest widget size
- The Recent widget will provide up-to-date information on cumulative metrics (e.g. Step Count), or the most recent reading for a sample metric (e.g. Blood Pressure), throughout a given day.

- see your recent activity trends
- customize your dashboard by selecting up to 10 metrics of your choice


Export your workouts and see data including:
- Active and total calorie burn
- Step count and swimming stroke count
- Walk/run cadence and swim cadence
- Average and Max Heart Rate
- All heart rate data
- Heart rate recovery
- Distance (running, cycling, swimming, etc)
- Workout Route (running, swimming, cycling, hiking)
- Export workout routes as GPX files


Health Auto Export allows you to export Health data with the following time summaries:

- Minutes
- Hours
- Days
- Weeks
- Months
- Years

See the full list of metrics available at

Health Auto Export Terms of Use can be viewed at
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