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Whether you are counting persons in attendance at an event or counting the heads of cattle in a pen the simple tap and swipe interface with haptic feedback allows you to keep your eyes on what is being counted and you know that the tap or swipe was received.

Clerks can use this to discretely count attendance at church meetings, weddings, classes, and gatherings.

Farmers and Ranchers can count their livestock in the field, in pens, when vaccinating, or cutting and sorting their livestock.

It is designed so that you can operate the iOS app with one hand. You can use your thumb to tap and swipe without having to look at your iPhone.

Tap to increase the count.
Swipe to decrease the count.

A long press will take the current count and add it to a list so that you can see sub-counts of sections, such as different sections in a class room or a church, or live stock in adjacent pens.

The App does not keep a tally log.
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