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HeadsUp is an app that detects head position by camera or AirPods and helps to keep sitting posture.
Turn on the camera or wear AirPods, and start sitting guarding. You will be transformed into an animal with a watermelon on your head, and when you lower and tilt your head, the watermelon will fall down.


- Low head, tilted head, neck probe reminder
- Customized sensitivity adjustment

It It is recommended to adjust it lower when reading and writing and higher when using computer

- Support different reminder modes

Real voice, frog chirping, silent mode, reduce the interference in work and study。If you're not comfortable with voice alerts and have an Apple Watch, you'll get the watch's vibrating alerts on your wrist.

- Sitting reminder

Remind to rest when 40 minutes of continuous sitting is detected.

- Tomato Clock Timer

It It is not only a posture detection app, but also a tomato clock app, which supports tomato clock timing.

- Statistics

On On the app, you can view the current day/month/year/the last 7 days/the last 30 days focus time and bad posture statistics, this function uses iCloud Private Database only you can view your own data, to maximize the protection of your privacy.

- Widgets Support

Support iOS 16 lock screen widget and desktop widget to view current day data and last 7 days data.

- No ads, no buzzy push notification
- No internet connection required, all local computing, protecting your privacy

# Support device
Method 1: Camera Detection
App utilizes the device's front-facing TrueDepth camera and requires iPhone X or iPad Pro 11-inch and later models to work (i.e. FaceID support).
Method 2: AirPods Detection
Support AirPods 3/Pro/Max/Beats Fit Pro(support spatial audio)

App integrates with the Apple HealthKit to launch watch app and get alert from watch.

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