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HCB Cares for the patient

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HCB Cares for the patient

Connect to the new HCB app “HCB takes care of the patient”.

The new App of HCB allows access from a mobile or Tablet with all of the advantages of the Patient Portal and enables you to request medical attention and urgent care, quickly and easily.

The App of Hospital Clínica Benidorm allows you to:
· Enter the Patient Portal:
· Request a doctors appointment.
· Manage your appointment calendar.
· Access tests and medical results.
· Consult your Clinical History.
· Obtain invoices, proof of attendance certificates, etc.
· Call an ambulance.
· Call an emergency doctor for a home visit.
· Make it easier by using the geolocation of the patient.
· Consult the medical specialist index of Hospital Clínica Benidorm.

The new version of the HCB App incorporates the access to the Patient Portal platform and the basic services of the hospital and its centres (online appointment, appointment calendar, documentation, medical results, clinical history etc.). And makes sure that, in emergency situations, the user can easily and safely request the medical health care they need depending on their situation and location.
Centro Medico Salus Baleares S.L.