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Hawaii Rewards

by Linqto
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Hawaii Rewards

by Linqto
Maximize your rewards with Hawaii Rewards, powered by Wallaby Financial! Our users save hundreds of dollars each year by maximizing rewards, optimizing cash flow, and minimizing interest.

Hawaii National Bank's Hawaii Rewards will tell you: which card to use to maximize rewards, minimize interest charges, maximize cash flow, or, our favorite, a smart combination of the above. Just launch the app to see the right card for online and offline shopping. We don't need your credit card number.

Hawaii Rewards includes Ambient Alerts. This optional feature will send you a local notification when you're shopping at a supermarket or eating a restaurant, giving you a friendly reminder of which card to use. Please note, Ambient Alerts requires background GPS services. Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. Ambient Alerts is optional and can be turned on and off in the Settings screen.

Hawaii Rewards will keep track of everything with our all-new Spend Monitor. We'll alert you to changes in your spending activity in total, in a single card, or in a single category. If there is anything suspicious going on, we'll let you know, too.

If you're trying to maximize rewards, we'll also tell you where we think you used the wrong card (yes, fans, with the details now!). Disagree? Let us know. Category wrong on a merchant? Change it!

Hawaii Rewards also includes a Watch app, so you can earn more rewards right from your wrist.

How does Hawaii Rewards work?
You just tell Hawaii Rewards the type of Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express credit cards you carry. When you shop, in a store or online, we’ll show you which card to use. It’s that simple! Hawaii Rewards is powered by CardBase®, Wallaby Financial's comprehensive database of more than 2,700 credit card profiles and more than 100 dimensions per card. We can help you see what features and benefits your cards have at a glance.

Hawaii Rewards ensures your personal information is safe with industry-leading security measures and bank-level encryption. Just relax and know that you are getting the most from every purchase and making the best choices.

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