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If you want to memorize forever, do not forget two things.
- memorize hard
- repeat according to 7-steps by Ebbinghaus forgetting curve

Haus is designed for these two.
Follow the 7-steps cycle provided by Haus, you can memorize all forever.

example 7-steps
- Step1 (day1) 9/1
- Step2 (day2) 9/2
- Step3 (day3) 9/3
- Step4 (after 3days) 9/6
- Step5 (after 7days) 9/13
- Step6 (after 15days) 9/28
- Step7 (after 30days) 10/28

■ Features ■
- Iteration cycle is divided into 7 steps to calculate automatically so that we do not miss the review cycle.
- It is filtered out only to be reviewed today. Just concentrate on memorizing today.
- You can review it in the way of exam, and it helps you to memorize long-term memory.
- Do not miss your best review time by registering multiple notifications.
- Provides the ability to test with widgets. We can review every minute.
- You can see your memorization schedule step by step.
- You can adjust the font size.
- You can reset the repetition cycle at any time, so you can study again with a new mind from today.
- You can keep your data in archive.

If you have any questions or concerns please email us at [email protected]
Sung Hee Bae