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Harry's Camper

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Harry's Camper

Harry’s Heavy Duty - Camper Edition is the professional tool for all drivers of heavy vehicles, towing trailers, and campers utilizing motorhomes and caravans. It is focused on technical oriented drivers who want to know what is going on. It comes with a wealth of tools, calculations and displays all types of information elegantly and intuitively.

The feature set is huge, here are some highlights:

‣ The app collects data from a large number of sensors available
‣ Intelligent real time views of all information available - not just raw data but smart insights
‣ Basic functionality is available using your iPhone’s GPS and accelerometer
‣ Add external OBD, GPS and environmental sensors to get more insights
‣ Weather station using external sources and environmental sensors
‣ Complete documentation of truck, TV and trailer allowing analysis such as a tow rating
‣ Parking and leveling assistants support standard operations (including Apple Watch support)
‣ Supports action cams for rear view (GoPro HERO3/3+, Sony)
‣ A full featured road book creates beautiful trip reports automatically
‣ Predefined and custom checklists help you remember actions (e.g. camp ground departure)
‣ Add waypoint sets from your database or add your own

The app supports a huge set of external engine and GPS sensors as well as the inexpensive TI SensorTag for local environmental data. For details, please check our compatibility page at Data collected is displayed in purpose built views focusing on what really matters. The app is aware of levels and thresholds and will warn you if anything is wrong.

The leveling assistant makes it extremely convenient to level your caravan or motorhome. Leveling is measure using either the iPhone or a TI SensorTag. The measurements of change for the hitch or the sides is given in inches / centimeters and displayed using an Apple Watch or using the phone itself. Leveling instruction are spoken.

The road book included records trips automatically - even with the app in background. Other than common trackers, data is kept private and is stored on your phone only. For trips recorded, not only the route but daily distances, stations you stayed overnight and dates and other information is automatically derived. It can be viewed in the app itself or be exported to the Google Earth app and desktop program for detailed analysis and fly overs. Please find samples and more information on
Harald Schlangmann