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HapticNav® is a haptic navigation app, paired with an optional HapticNav® wristband, that gently guides you to your destination using vibration, without the need for any visual or audio feedback. Our patented Haptic Corridor™ works like a compass, giving you feedback based on the direction you are facing. When you are in the Haptic Corridor™ you feel no vibrations at all. When you turn you begin to feel a slight vibration. And that vibration gets stronger the more you turn away from the correct direction. We tested with 1000s of users and it is so intuitive, most can figure out the correct way to go without any instruction. In 2017, Wayband® made history when it helped the first person who is blind to run in the NYC marathon, without being tethered to a sighted guide.

WearWorks® is a haptic platform company. We build products and experiences that communicate information through touch. Our mission is to reimagine the skin as a high fidelity communications channel capable of giving you information in a more intuitive and less obtrusive way. And our first goal is to revolutionize navigation for the sense of touch.

77% of global smartphone users use navigation apps monthly. Navigation is communicated entirely through vision and audition. For the billions of us who rely on mapping applications for our daily lives, is the need to constantly staring at a screen, or listening to a voice, while getting from one place to another really the best we can do? And even more, for the 285 million people world-wide living with a visual impairment, and the 466 million living with a hearing impairment, that status quo is inaccessible.

We see a better way to navigate. One that frees your ears and eyes while giving you all the information you need directly through your natural sense of touch. Download the HapticNav® App to feel your way... anywhere.

This app requires either a monthly or a yearly subscription to be purchased in order to use this app.