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Happy Apps

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Happy Apps

Monitor your app's status and availability with Happy Apps. Happy Apps provides key insights into the health of your systems, without the noise. With built in Apple Watch support, check on your systems uptime with just a glance.

The Happy Apps iPhone app conveniently brings all of the most important monitoring needs to your mobile device featuring a wide variety of check types. Monitor anything from a web page, to a database, a message bus, and so much more right from your iPhone. Take advantage of SSH tunneling , or Agent based checks in just a few simple steps. Happy Apps' innovative monitoring technology ensures that you only get notifications for the incidents and issues that you want. Enjoy no more false positives, or excessive notifications with our powerful alert rules, and app heirarchy.

◦ Unlimited uptime and performance notifications pushed immediately to your iPhone.
◦ Intuitive dashboard that highlights only the most critical uptime and performance metrics.
◦ Real-time updates on all systems and apps, including response time, downtime and open incidents.
◦ SSH and Agent-based connectivity to all of your apps across private, public and hybrid clouds.
◦ Access to historical data to analyze stored data and identify repeating patterns, performance issues and outages.
◦ Monitor multiple systems simultaneously with Happy Apps proprietary App Grouping Hierarchy to monitor multiple systems collectively.
◦ Mute checks , groups, and apps during maintenance periods to prevent false positives.

Example Check Types:
◦ Web GET / POST / PUT
◦ Mysql
◦ PostgreSQL
◦ SQL Server
◦ Mongo
◦ Redis
◦ ElasticSearch
◦ Riak
◦ Ping
◦ RabbitMQ
◦ Socket
◦ and More
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