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Handy Voice Checklist

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Handy Voice Checklist

This app will let you record multiple 5-second voices and convert it into a checklist (as a voice, not a text).

Easy, quick and straight-forward. Best use for a grocery list, to-do list, etc.

Why not "voice to text" feature? Admit it, voice to text feature is not perfect especially if you're not a native English speaker.

Here's how:
1. Long press the button to start recording your voice.(Don't force touch)
2. Release the button to stop recording.
3. Swipe left to access the checklist.
4. Tap a row to play and to mark as "Done".
5. Double tap a row to mark as "Not Done"
6. Double tap again to unmark.
7. Force touch to access options.

Noisy and you don't have AirPods? No problem. Just swipe and tap the 2-sec delay play button and bring your watch near to your ear.
Kristian Olidana