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Handy List!

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Handy List!

Handy List! is a simplest to-do list app. Available on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Apple Watch. If your goal is to add your to-do list quickly and easily, Handy List! is what you’re looking for.

With the simple user interface of Handy List!, you can add, edit, delete or rearrage the position of your to-do list easily.

When you’re done with your list item, just tap the checkbox in front of your list item.

Handy List! on Apple Watch
You can manage your to-do list on Apple Watch alone even when losing connection with your iPhone.

The features on the watch are pretty much the same as on iOS app.
You can add your to-do list by dictation.
If you want to edit, delete specific list item, just tap on that list item for more features.

We also provide quick menu for adding and deleting list item. You can access the menu by force touch on the watch.

You can quick look at the status of your to-do list in the glance view or in complication.
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