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Handball Watch

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Handball Watch

Finally a digital solution for the handball referee! With this app you can easily register 3 game related details:
- game time
- score
- penalties (incl 2-min!!)

Please Note: the app fully supports English, French, German and Dutch. Screenshots in Dutch/English are just me deciding to spent time improving app and not spend time to make language specific screenshots.. sorry ;)

Especially the registering of time penalties is made extremely easy. No matter how many time penalties are given, every penalty is properly shown and a signal is given when one or more are finished.

A full overview of all given warnings and penalties per team and player makes it easy to keep track of what penalties have been given to whom.

Finally all events are logged on the related iPhone App and can be shared with one push of the button.

For now this app is still free, but this is temporary.
Take this chance as early adopter and help us further develop this to become the ultimate watch for a handball referee!
Jacob Willig