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Hand Raise Tracker Pro

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Hand Raise Tracker Pro

This watchOS app tries to warn you every time you raise your hand and keep track of your hand raises. When it detects this kind of movement, it vibrates the watch.

Wrist raise detection will help you count your repetitions while you are doing exercise that contains wrist raise.
It may be used for other activities; for example you can count how many time you raise your wrist during the make up.

Increase your self-awareness. Track your daily hand raise count.

This app tracks watch position and gives your haptic feedback when you lift your hand.

How many times do you raise your hand during the day?
We raise our hands to our head level for many purposes. With this watch app, you can be aware of these activities.

Built with machine learning, it is fine-tuned for the left hand.
Ozgur Sahin