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Half Empty

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Half Empty

The Half Empty app for Apple Watch and Apple iPhone is the quickest and easiest way to reliability count your drinks.

Enjoy the night without distraction or foggy memory. Half Empty app tracks your drinks right from your wrist or iPhone.

Whether you mix drinks at home, chill with a cooler of beer, shoot shots at a shot bar, or lounge at a wine lounge — Half Empty can track your drinks of choice.

Half Empty Features:
• Apple Watch app for instant wrist access.
• Apple Watch Glance of your recent drinks.
• Drink types of Mixed Drink, Beer, Shot, and Wine.
• Filtering drinks by type.
• Easily adding or removing drinks.
• Saved history of all your drinks.
• Simple interfaces.
• Quick, easy interactions.

When your drink is half empty and you're about to grab another, tap the app. Effortlessly add drinks. Instantly see how much you have had and when. Give yourself the info to make educated decisions.

Improve your well-being by reflecting on all your saved history. Answer the question "Did I have 2 or 3 rounds of shots last night?". Find the balance between a fun night and a bad hangover. Analyze your habits for your health, your budget, or just out of curiosity.

And always enjoy the night responsibility.
Jabo Apps, LLC