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HAL Watch 9000

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HAL Watch 9000

'Open the POD Bay doors please, HAL'

Turn your Apple Watch in to a HAL 9000 Sound Controller to play 30 iconic phrases from the all time classic movie, '2001: A Space Odyssey'.

Control playback of phrases and animation of the HAL Terminal on your iPhone in the coolest possible way, straight from your wrist.
Each phrase name is cleverly disguised as 3 letters to keep the buttons neat and to give the true terminal look used in the movie. Can you work them out?

Phrases can be still be played without Apple Watch, just tap on HALs eye on the iPhone Terminal to play one of the phrases randomly and watch the Terminal Screens animate.

Feel like you're on board the famous 'Discovery One' Spacecraft and have HALs Terminal display on your huge TV screen at home by AirPlaying from iPhone to your Apple TV then control the sounds from Apple Watch.

For less than half the price of a coffee, you can now feel what it was like to be Dave, on board the Discovery One, with HAL as you closest companion... just don't let him control your garage door...

Sounds are original, professional recordings.
Kris Goodier