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Hailie® is your asthma and COPD sidekick. The Hailie® Solution is always by your side to help you manage your chronic respiratory condition.

Our smart, personal medication monitoring system helps you manage your asthma and COPD by providing the tools necessary to help track your medication usage. This helps promote medication adherence increasing the effectiveness of your medication, so you can enjoy your life with fewer symptoms.

Benefits of the Hailie® Solution:

• Real-time reporting, monitoring, storing and analysis of your inhaler use
• Insight into medication usage patterns
• Audio-visual reminders on your phone or tablet

What is the Hailie® Solution?
The Hailie® Solution is an ecosystem of sensors and apps that help patients and healthcare professionals manage breathing conditions and adherence to their prescribed medications.

The Bluetooth® wireless technology enabled Hailie® Sensors, which are FDA-cleared and CE-marked, wrap around an existing inhaler and automatically track medication usage, which is then displayed on a phone or tablet. Using the Hailie® App allows you to track your medication adherence, set daily reminders, and discover insights into how you use your medication.
Hailie® app is integrated with the Apple Health app and allows you to share your Hailie® data with the Apple Health app and other apps that also use Apple Health.

Clinical evidence shows that using the Hailie® solution for asthma management increases adherence to preventative and maintenance medications and reduces attacks in adults and children.

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