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Habitude is a tool to help you track and actively engage with your habits, whether you're looking to start a new habit or stop doing something. Depending on the type of habit you're looking to track, we've broken them down into two different types, active and passive. With active habits, you set yourself a daily or weekly goal and check-in to build streaks and track your progress. A passive habit will automatically count each day towards a streak without you having to actively check-in. When you find yourself breaking your streak, you acknowledge it, reset it and try again.


Choose a habit type
We’ve separated habits in to Active and Passive allowing you to choose how you want to track your habit.

Daily or Weekly Active Habits
You can create daily or weekly goals for active habits and set yourself reminders to motivate you to keep on track.

Colour code your habits
Personalise your habits and give them a colour to make it easier to tell your habits apart.

Motivate yourself
Set yourself reminders to check-in on your habits and see how you’re doing.

Log your mood, keep a diary
When you hit a goal or find yourself breaking your streak, log your mood and add notes to remember what worked or what you'll change next time.

Track up to 12 habits
Start tracking up to twelve habits, stay focused and start a change.

Passive Streak Milestones
We'll automatically notify you when you hit passive streak milestones, like completing your first full week of a new habit.

Review your activity
Browse through your activity, filter by habit and see your progress month to month.

AppleWatch Support
Check-in and reset your habits while on the go, add our complication for quick access.

Daily Active Habit Progress Charts
If you perform a long press on a daily active habit tile on iOS or watchOS you gain access to an at a glance stats page for your habit with a chart showing your current check-in data.


Active: Set yourself a daily or weekly goal and actively check-in to maintain your progress and build streaks.

Passive: Set yourself a passive goal to track your progress over time and reset when you break your streak to start again.


When you purchase habitude you'll get access to all of our existing features, our WatchOS app and any new features we add throughout development.

We have lots of new features planned and we'll be actively responding to user feedback. You can contact us at or via the feedback link in the application settings.
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