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Habituator — Habit tracker

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Habituator — Habit tracker

Are you struggling to quit some bad habit?
Are you trying to build new healthy habits but need help keeping the motivation up?

According to best selling author James Clear:
“The best way to measure your progress is with a habit tracker”.

Sadly, there’s plenty of complex, frustrating and expensive apps that won’t help you! Not this one.

This is a simple and beautiful habit tracker. It’s polished, fast, simple to use and flexible. It does just one thing: it tracks your habits.

That’s it.

No complex features that are hard to understand and difficult to use. No overwhelming content or notifications. No frustrating user experience that makes you hate your goals.

Instead, here’s what’s included:
* A beautifully designed habit tracker app for building or quitting habits;
* Many useful widgets for both Lock Screen and Home Screen;
* Watch app and complications to stay on top of your habits;
* Interactive widgets to complete habits from the lock or home screen;
* Many useful stats about your progress with filters and multiple charts;
* HealthKit automatic tracking;
* Complete habits with Siri or custom Shortcuts;
* Learning section to understand the science of habits;
* Start any habit and configure it as you like;
* Powerful and customisable reminders;
* Customisable user experience (colors, vibration, layout);
* Automatic backup and sync with iCloud;
* Export your data to a csv file and restore it manually if needed.

There’s always more relevant and useful features for YOU coming in future updates. No marketing garbage!

Can this all be free?

You get every feature for free, but you can only track a limited number of habits. You can unlock unlimited habits with a small subscription or a fair one time purchase. Please support my work if you can!

Still reading? Come on! Tap the download button and try the app by yourself, you’ve nothing to lose.

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