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Habitify is the best, free modern to-do list app that will let you organize your schedule and provide you with the motivation you need to have a productive day. Habitify also makes your life easier by showing you helpful statistics and awesome graphs to keep track of your daily habits.

Why do you need to download and install Habitify instead of other to-do list apps?

• Easy:
- Habitify’s interface is super easy to use. We guarantee that you will be able to list all your tasks quickly and efficiently!
- You will also be able to create your daily schedule, to-do list, and travel lists anywhere at any time.
- Access Habitify easily though your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Today Widget!

• Automatic Habits Tracker:
- You can easily track your daily habits with our app. The best thing is - you will get encouraging notifications and cool badges every time you accomplish your habits. This will help you focus on reaching your goals!
- Automate your tracking through Habitify. By syncing your Apple Health data, you can simplify tracking and analyze your data effortlessly!

• Smart Reminder:
- We know that sometimes you’ll forget to wash the dishes or feed the fish. We also know that some tasks are too important and need your complete attention. With Habitify, you’ll never need to worry about chores, habits, or tasks again. Our smart notifications system will notify you when you need to complete your goals.

• Statistics:
- Get detailed statistics and graphs about your progress in Habitify.
• Secured:
- Our algorithm is made to secure all your tasks, lists and schedules. You don't need to worry about any information you provide - no one can steal or read your habits.

Your life is hectic. Get organized and productive with Habitify!