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Habit Meter

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Habit Meter

Habit Meter is a tool for especially hard to stop bad habits.

Habit Meter operates on the ODAT (One Day At a Time) philosophy, where just making it another minute, another hour, another day, makes the all the difference. Habit Meter is for the 'clock watcher' in all of us.

The heart of Habit Meter is the 'meter', a visual, broken down representation of time elapsed to or from a habit's start or stop time.

Habit Meter features:
- Several styles of Meter to choose from
- Tracking of cost or savings of a habit
- Steps tracking for gradual cessation of a habit
- Journals to track mood and quit progress
- Milestones that set up alerts based on time components to or from the habit's start time and date
- The ability to freeze the elapsed time of a habit, useful for tracking slips
- Sharing of habit statistics

Habit Meter supports Apple Watch by showing Meter statistics, and managing Steps
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