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Habit Doctor

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Habit Doctor

'Habit Doctor' is here to help you. There are well-defined outcomes for well-known behavioral situations (called as 'Panacea Lib'). Even at the minimum the app offers completely free and unlimited habit creation and adoption.

Some 'Panacea Lib' features goals and outcomes as follows:

1. Elusive success:
If you cannot get ahold of success

2. Communication skills:
Guidelines and exercises

3. Effective studying:
Plan your studies well

4. Avoid procrastination:
Be on time, everytime

5. Effective parenting:
Raise jewel kids

6. Immigrant adaptation:
Adapting to new landscapes

7. Burnout:
Defeat professional life burnout

8. Unstable employment patterns:
Employment changes too frequent

9. Workplace culture adaptation:
Be in harmony with your workplace

10. Social networking addictions:
Heavy involvment in social media

11. Exit smoking:
For ways to removing smoking habit

12. Overcome Stress:
Resolving stress with clarity

13. Forgetfulness:
When you seem to forget things frequently

14. Body Cleanliness:
Hygiene body through simple to-do's

15. Vision improvement:
Attain better vision

16. Weight loss:
For losing body weight

17. Flexibility and balance:
Steps towards flexibilty

18. Physical Strength:
Steps to building physical strength

19. Self-jeopardizing behavior:
Removing subtle traits of self-jeopardy

20. Self-esteem booster:
Self-esteem ground rules

21. Anxiety control:
Fact checking anxiety

22. Exit Depression:
To overcome depression

23. Home and chores:
Keeping your home well defined

24. Work-Life balance:
Create a balance between work and personal life


1. Daily habits check-offs that you establish.
2. Inspiring charts to track your progress.
3. Notifications for days & locations, reminders & badges.
4. iCloud enabled to have multiple devices on same iCloud account.
5. Different screen layouts for iPad, iPhone, portrait & landscape modes.
6. Engaging & visually interesting.
7. Inspiring and promotes habit imbibing.


1. Create habits with occurrences for days in a week.
2. Charts build by cumulative scoring.
3. Negative scoring is optional.
4. Select locations and/ or times when you want to be reminded.
5. Badges update real-time.
6. Flexible next day onset with threshold time other than mid-night.

Sudeep Chandra