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Habit Check

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Habit Check

Habit Check is back! Developed first in 2008, it is now completely redesigned for the native iOS. It is designed for tracking habits, progress, creating self correction notes, etc.


1. Daily habits check-offs that you establish.
2. Inspiring charts to track your progress.
3. Notifications for days & locations, reminders & badges.
4. iCloud enabled to have multiple devices on same iCloud account.
5. Different screen layouts for iPad, iPhone, portrait & landscape modes.
6. Engaging & visually interesting.
7. Inspiring and promotes habit imbibing.


1. Create habits with occurrences for days in a week.
2. Charts build by cumulative scoring.
3. Negative scoring is optional.
4. Select locations and/ or times when you want to be reminded.
5. Badges update real-time.
6. Flexible next day onset with threshold time other than mid-night.

Basic version is free and allows up-to 4 habits. and 'Unlimited Habits' version (in-app purchase) allows unlimited habits. History editing is allowed as in app purchase for genuine needs.

App wants to help your incorporate habits into your daily routines.

Sudeep Chandra