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H2OPal Hydration Tracker

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H2OPal Hydration Tracker

The goal of H2OPal is to help you build a healthy habit of drinking water.

Use this app on its own for the BEST and EASIEST WAY to manually track your water intake, or connect your water bottle with a H2OPal hydration tracker for smart and simple automatic tracking.

How H2O-Pal Helps You:

PERSONALIZED DAILY GOAL - Your daily goal gets is set according to your personal profile (gender, weight, age, etc.) and is updated daily based on your activity and local weather.

SMART NOTIFICATIONS - H2OPal knows how much water you should be drinking to reach your daily goal so it sends you smart notifications at the right time.

STATS and QS - Stats screen shows your progress over time and your daily view also shows you your real-time progress for the current day. You can also export your raw data in .csv format. Feel free to use it with your favorite Quantified Self app.

PROGRESS SCREEN - Build your progress by reaching your hydration goals. By the time you reach the final level you will be a master of hydration.

H2OPal WATER BOTTLE TRACKER - It's a small device that attaches to the base of your water bottle that automatically monitors your water intake. This means you don't have to worry about manual input and so you'll receive notifications only when you really need them.
(Learn more about our hardware at

HEALTH APP INTEGRATION - H2OPal is integrated with Apple's Health App so if you want to you can share H2OPal's data with other apps as well.

Beverages are the largest single source of calories and H2O-Pal gives you a simple and sustainable way to reduce your calorie intake.

We're happy to hear and learn about your experience.
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Download the app and make a step towards better long-term health.
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