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Make more out of your next swim training with H2Coach. Get varied workouts on your smartphone or watch, track your training and improve your technique step by step.

Swimming is the best sport to get fit but sticking with it can be a challenge. With H2Coach, you have a coach by your side who creates workouts for you, improves your technique, and tracks your successes.

Each workout is built on simple units whose execution you can easily check. You can improve your swimming technique step by step with each workout. At the same time you increase your endurance and fitness. Your visit to the pool stays motivating and varied.

We want to offer you an app that allows you to train independently, with flexible timing and at low cost. You can use H2Coach with your smartphone, a smartwatch or printed out. It's also compatible with Apple Health.

We hope you enjoy discovering swimming as your sport and we look forward to your first workout.

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